A celebration
Today we honour S:t Upor, the patron saint of Excess.
Grammofonus would also like to salute those about to die. May all be dead.
Saturday, 3rd November 2007

Lady Jane Breyer P-Orridge in memoriam.
Tuesday, 9th October 2007

Caniculares dies
The dogs days are upon us and we have seen quite a few deaths recently, Ingmar, Povel, Lee, Michelangelo, but this record is not for them. To whom it is dedicated shall be revealed only to those in possession of the album.

In Memoriam by the Grammofonus Orchestra consists of a single long drone piece - a long moan piece. Buy the limited cdr or download it in the store.

In Loving Memory is a 30 minute piece from the In Memoriam sessions. It can be downloaded for free in the store.
Thursday, 16th August 2007

Viola in memoriam
Saturday, 11th August 2007

Grammofonus proudly presents:
6 Bach-variations by the Grammofonus Organist.
80 minutes of organ drones inspired by Toccata & Fugue in D minor. The cd-r version is limited to 50 numbered copies wrapped in white lace and includes a pin and an insert.
The mp-3 version has a different cover. There's also a 7th variation You can download for free in the store.

The official release party will take place at the Älghult Festival tonight, where Stupor Schwärze will perform a live improvisation on the organ.

The album will be avaliable in the webstore on 8 August.
Saturday, 4th August 2007

We are preparing for the Älghult Festival and the release of the new album 'Bach-variations' - It consists of 6 versions of the famous Toccata & Fuga in d-minor and there's an extra version from the same sessions You can download for free.

Bach is not dead - but soon, or has been for ages ... the Grammofonus Organist is about to give You a requiem for the modern Dead. Don't waste life being 'alive' - you're already dead!

Further information about the festival:
Monday, 23rd July 2007

What day could be better suited to bring you the evil noisemachine, the good luck-destroyer, the happiness eliminator, the sadness multiplier, the ultimate will to live-remover, the Glücksverhinderungsmaschine!

This is the original version, recorded live in an underground concrete space where I spent lazy days, busy doing nothing.

Check out the store for this specially low-priced mp3-reissue of the 2004 album by Alexander Lukas & Drönarklubben.

Achtung! If life gets you down and you already have one foot in the grave, you might not want to listen to this, for this is the most depressing music you will ever hear!
Friday, 13th July 2007

7 7 7
Today is an interesting day for numerologists. 777 = 3 × 7 × 37. It's a sphenic and a Harshad number. It's number 3333 in senary (base 6) counting. The numbers 3 and 7 were both "perfect numbers" under Hebrew tradition thus making 777 a kind of anti-666. In Western culture the seven is also considered a lucky number. July 7 is the 188th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 177 days remaining.

On this day in the year 175 Commodus was proclaimed emperor in Rome.

To celebrate all of this meaninglessness Grammofonus offers a sacrifice to the last Beast in Heaven.

Firstly, an alternate version of Swansong from Funeral Music for Dead Souls. I found this version too harsh to fit on the album. It can be downloaded for free in the Store. This concludes the release of the first album on Grammofonus, we will now move on to other things.

Secondly, a one minute version of the music to the performance Flight SK448 by Hans T. Sernudd. This 'radio edit' was recorded for Swedish Radio to illustrate the soundtrack to the performance. During the actual performance it took about 20 minutes to build up the cycle of sound that can be heard in this soundclip. Due to very poor technical circumstances at the time of recording, the sound is very crude. This free download is merely meant to give the listener an idea of the sound that night.

Suum cuique. Cato (Major)
Saturday, 7th July 2007

Release me
Stupor Schwärze and the Grammofonus Orchestra performed a funeral ringing for dead souls on June 30 at 11:30 p.m., at The Space Beetween club in Malmö.

The ringing was for J., our father - may he rest in peace.

This event also marked the unofficial grave opening of Grammofonus - the shop is now open for business.
Monday, 2nd July 2007

Urbi et orbi
The wake is over, welcome to the Grammofonus Funeral Parlor - provider of funereal soundbearers. Since We are already dead, we should be accompanied with the perfect background music.

The first Grammofonus release brings us an album of funeral music with echoes of the past for the modern dead. Join the funeral march.

Iamque opus exegi quod Iovis ira nec ignis nec poterit ferrum nec edax abolere vetustas. (Ovidius)

Exegi monumentum aere perennius. (Horace)
Saturday, 30th June 2007

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