Grammofonus presents Stampe In Memoriam 7"
When Stupor Schwärze resided in Berlin at the end of the 90's he went through a classic Strindbergian crisis. The artistic outcome of his Inferno was among other things a novel about Death (a work still in progress) and a song about his beloved pet Stampe.

The song has been very dear to Schwärze during the years and now it finally gets an official release. For further information, see the Morgue section.
Tuesday, 13th December 2011

Grammofonus purge
the Grammofonus website will be re-structured during the spring making the design even more pure and minimalistic as well as including more information about releases and concerts et al.

To purchase digital releases from Grammofonus and METAL PIP! - follow the links in the Relics section.

For cdr's, send an enquiry in the Condolences section. Each cdr is very limited and costs €10 including postage worldwide. Few copies left!
Sunday, 10th January 2010

3rd Annual R.I.P.
the Grim Reaper made some big headlines in 2009, but a few Dead Souls were also culled:
Louie Bellson, J.G. Ballard, Gugge Hedrenius, Irving Penn, Elisabeth Söderström, Harry Järv and Gösta Werner in memoriam.
Friday, 1st January 2010

Alive again.
Tonight at KONG in Malmö Schwärze will once again enter the stage to noisify the live sound of LOVAC (formely known as Down in June/Baby Blonde & the Downs).
Wednesday, 4th November 2009

the Apparition of Janus
Celebrating 18 years since Janus revealed his true face.
Tuesday, 27th October 2009

It is 9/9/9 and the End is Nigh?
Yes, but cdr's can, for a while longer, still be purchased through the Grammofonus web shop. The latest release however - Our Glorious Dead - can only be obtained by sending an inquiry to

Our Glorious Dead / Unseren Toten is a 80 minute European War Requiem - the entire album, as well as other Grammofonus releases, can be heard and downloaded at

The cdr, limited to 56 handmade and numbered copies with several inserts, cost €8.88 + postage. Welcome to order!
Wednesday, 9th September 2009

the Day of Purification
the Re-Unbirth of '88. Vade retro me, Dei!
Sunday, 6th September 2009

Dig it
Grammofonus Funeral Music Service will shortly discontinue its webshop, but it will be up and running as usual until further notice.

All Grammofonus downloads will instead be avaliable through

Most of the Grammofonus catalog is already avaliable, including Our Glorious Dead - the latest release from the Grammofonus Orchestra.
Tuesday, 18th August 2009

Brion Gysin in memoriam - 23 Minutes to Go
Brion Gysin kicked the final habit 23 years ago. To commemorate this Grammofonus release an hommage to the Man and the Dreamachine - a 23 minute piece comissioned for the Space Between club in Malmö, originally featured on a cd-r sold for 23 sek at the club on december 29, 2007. The cd was limited to 23 handmade and numbered copies and came with an extensive booklet containing plans for the Dreamachine as well as texts about the cut-up technique. Apart from comissioned pieces by Schwärze and VED the record also featured selected recordings by Gysin and William S. Burroughs.

"I Am the Artist when I Am Open. When I am closed I am Brion Gysin."

Funeral Music for Brion Gysin can be downloaded for only €0.23 at
Monday, 13th July 2009

Shortwave transmissions
Graveyard Slot - the new Grammofonus sublabel - has released the entire METAL PIP! project on

Buy mp3, flac, ogg - whatever - at very low prices. There are no physical albums planned at present time.

- - - UPDATE - - -
METAL PIP! on MySpace and YouTube. Please pay a visit to:
Saturday, 6th June 2009

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